We've all seen over the last few weeks that there has been a lot of chatter about Canon's inevitable first full frame mirrorless camera. I just wanted to clarify some points on the development of the camera(s).

Anyone claiming that they know the final specification of the production product are simply not telling the truth. We have confirmed at least two prototypes are in existence and we wouldn't be surprised if there is more of them out there. We've reported what a couple of people have told us about the prototype cameras and at no point do we claim or think these prototype cameras will be what we see once something is announced.

We also think there's a good chance that two cameras could be under development, even if they aren't announced at the same time. more on that later.

There is no announcement date within Canon as of yet for a full frame mirrorless camera. That will obviously change at some point, but as of today, no one knows when it's coming. Retailers may have been told that it's coming, but when and what the specifications will be, has not been told to them.

We've probably posted less than 5% of the “information” sent to us about the camera(s).

We've also been told by multiple people that development of this product has been unlike any other camera Canon has developed over the last decade, including the Cinema EOS line. Photographers are actually more involved in the development than any time in the past.

I don't want to report on the lens mount yet, as everything I've been told is confusing and I'd like to understand what's happening before reporting on this area of  the camera.

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