Canon will continue to be aggressive with product launches throughout 2022. They don't appear to be slowing down due to the global semiconductor shortage. I think after all of this time, Canon may have found some solutions to the problem internally and will continue to plan on the shortages to continue through most of 2022.

There are now 3 EOS R system cameras currently on the roadmap for the second half of 2022, and a very good source has finally chimed in on what we can expect.

There will definitely be an APS-C RF mount camera announced during 2022. While specifications and all of that are obviously not known, the source did mention it is a true hybrid camera. “Maybe a little M50 mixed with some 7D” is how it was described.

A new entry-level full-frame RF mount camera will be announced. It will use the image sensor for the EOS R6, but nothing beyond that is known.

Between the new entry-level camera and the Canon EOS R6 will be a body with a new image sensor, but a lower pixel count than the Canon EOS R5.

The source also said that the EVF may be removed from at least one of these cameras, with the entry-level camera being the obvious guess. I wouldn't be surprised to see it removed from more cameras in the future as the younger shooters don't use them as often as us old folks.

I was told not to give it the [CR3] stamp for the moment. I'm not sure that has any meaning anymore anyway. :)

More to come…

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