The folks at DPReview have released a hands on preview of the TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II.

Read it here:

Apologies to DPR for the previous critical point of view of a certain aspect of the preview. Apologies for the lost comments as well, pressed delete instead of edit. grrr.

I can be overcritical of DPR, as I feel they are with Canon. :)



  1. Every one posts comments concerned that DP review is favoring one brand or the other. Its impossible to be completely impartial, but they seem to make a fair effort.

    I feel impartial and open to any camera based on its performance, but I bet others will se me as favoring one ot the other. We are blind to our own bias.

  2. I frequent most of the major forums, and I’ve always found that DPreview’s threads degenerate into stupid brand-centric name calling far more easily than others, like FredMiranda. And I really got turned off to their site after the third or fourth angry jab at Canon because DP apparently don’t get preferential treatment from Canon HQ (and I’m not terribly brand loyal myself … I would feel the same if it was Nikon, Pentax or whoever else). It seems more about a bruised ego, and not getting the respect they’ve decided they deserve more than anything else. They have excellent camera reviews (the best out there), but for any real discussion or for anything beyond the technical aspects of a new body, I tend to look elsewhere.

    If their forums were a bit (a lot!) more civil, and they’d drop the entitlement attitude, I suspect people might think more highly of their site.

  3. Strongly Agree. Its like a bunch of 8 YO kiddies. There are, of course, a few golden nuggets like Thom Hogan.

  4. don’t underestimate members’ ability to whine and bicker at each other. i’ve been a member there for years, and sometimes you have to wade through some pretty thick egos to get to anything of use.

  5. My journey with DSLRs began back in 2003 with the original Digital Rebel. DSLRs changed my photography for the better like nothing else. Five years and some 25,000 shots later, it’s still going strong. Along the way I upgraded to the Canon 30D, which is a fantastic camera as well. When the 40D was announced, I decided to wait until the 50D sometime in 2009, but wanted a newer backup/second body for my photography needs. So when the XSi/450D was announced, it sounded like a perfect fit for my needs.

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