All is quiet
No one at Canon wants to talk to me, so I left a few voice mails. I think I'll get back to business tomorrow. Waiting game now I guess.

This is kind of ok, this site needs a slight design refresh, especially the header. I do like the simple navigation and quick loading of the site (loads well for me anyway). I will spruce things up soon.

The site might deviate from Canon a few times. I do like how aggressive Panasonic is being and could have some cool products. I'm also a fan of Pentax. That being said, this site will remain 95% Canon.

I've received about 1000 emails in the last 24 hours, that's kinda crazy. Thanks for them. I've only been flamed 2-3 times, which is a good ratio.

I have received the question about how much Canon stuff I own at least 30 times. I'm a moderate consumer, I'm actually trying to have less stuff. I've said goodbye to a 24-70, 30D, 430EX, 50 1.8 in the last few months. The only lens I think I might want is a 400 2.8 for sports stuff, although 300 2.8 might be enough.

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Nikon just doesn't have replacements for the 35 and 85 that I truly think are as good. Those are my bread and butter lenses and switching as some have suggested would be quite difficult.

Thanks again for the support and see you tomorrow!

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