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1Ds Mark IV Information [CR2]

1Ds Mark IV Information [CR2]

1Ds Mark IV strikes again
There is a lot of information floating through my inbox recently. Sorting through what is true, what is a wish and what is old recycled information is what keeps this site from getting boring.

There have been a couple of known sources say there is a lot of  “misinformation” or “fragmented information” out there.  I dismiss highly detailed spec lists now, they’re just never true.

So why a post about a 1Ds Mark IV?
Well, new information has come from a few sources and when you put it all together, we may be getting somewhere.

Here is a breakdown of specs and features I have received.

1Ds Mark IV Speculations

  • 30+ mp (most likely 32)
  • 10fps (I have also heard 8)
  • DIGIC V (No word on number of processors)
  • 1D/1Ds Line Merged
  • Announced around the 3rd week of October with an April, 2012 delivery
  • The prototypes are/have been in the hands of Canon ambassadors

We did post recently that no DSLR would be coming in 2011, if I go by the above information, that’s still true with the April delivery. There can be grey areas with “announcement” and “delivery” when translating.

The first question I asked about the claimed MP and frame rate was; “Can you write to any cards that fast with 30+mp RAW files or would the camera have a giant buffer?” I haven’t heard back yet. I am also wondering if Canon figured out how to make a full frame sensor do 10fps. When speaking about APS-H in the 1D Mark IV, Canon themselves said they couldn’t recycle a full frame sensor fast enough to do 10fps. Hence Nikon’s 9fps on the D3/D3s.

Again, all of this is very vague and in my experience, vague is better.



*UPDATE 2* Art Wolfe Confirms the 1Ds Mark IV?

*UPDATE 2* Art Wolfe Confirms the 1Ds Mark IV?

From Art Wolfe’s Facebook Status

“I just wanted to extend an extra thank you to @Michael Gurley from Canon for bringing the keys to the candy store this past weekend for the workshop participants. Mike brought with him just about every Canon lens from the widest fish eyes, tilt shift, macro and on through through 800mm along with numerous backs including the new 1DS Mark 4. Everyone had a great time trying out new lenses and backs and we really appreciate it.”

Art would be a guy that would have an advanced look, I’m just not sure it wasn’t a typo. The NDA he’d be under would be strict.

Apparently Art updated his status to say “1D Mark IV”. Probably a typo………. The weird thing is he also removed the word “new”. Sometimes I randomly add the word “new” to sentences as new well.

Art Wolfe’s friend who posted the Facebook status line has written in with a big apology for riling up the Canon masses with a post that was in error. They were using 1Ds Mark IIIs and 1D Mark IVs on their workshop.

He apologizes for the frenzy that has been created.



A Week in Rumors

A Week in Rumors

Lots came in
I have received a lot of small rumors throughout the week. There’s till life out there, even if there isn’t anything overly exciting.

I’ll break them down.

Apparently DIGIC V will be powering the next Canon DSLRs. We all expect better noise reduction and processing speed, however there is also a “brand new feature”. I’m still waiting to find out what that is.

PowerShot G12 Replacement
There will be no G12 replacement in 2011.

2011 DSLR?
Most information I am receiving now seems to suggest there will be no DSLR announcement in 2011. There are definitely a lot of prototype bodies out there, we just won’t be hearing about them until 2012.

It was suggested this was to make sure Canon could meet the production demands that the Christmas and holiday  seasons require.

It was also flatly said that “Canon will announce a new camera when it’s done, and not a minute before”. Canon has no desire to announce a camera and it not be available for 2-3 months.

Canon Mirrorless
The R&D is ongoing. There is no prototype cameras out to photographers though.

EF 24-70 f/2.8L II
Apparently in the October 2011 Popular Photography issue, they wrote a reference to an EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS II. I haven’t seen the magazine, but generally dismiss this sort of thing as a typo. I’ve never received solid info that the version II would have IS.

*UPDATE* As pointed out by a reader, any 24-70 with IS wouldn’t be designated with a “II”. I hate missing the obvious. :)



1Ds Mark IV & 5D Mark III

1Ds Mark IV & 5D Mark III

Back and forth
Everyone wants to know when Canon will announce their next camera bodies. I’m wondering the same thing. Daily, I am getting contradictory information. What this makes me believe is Canon doesn’t yet have an announcement date decided. The Japan disaster has had a deep and lasting effect on camera body production.

I’ve heard as early as October for a new DLSLR and as late as February. Some people are saying the 5D Mark III will be before the 1Ds Mark IV and others are saying it the other way around.

There is nothing solid I can pass on right now in regards to DSLRs, I just wanted to clear that up.



1Ds Mark IV & 5D Mark II Merry-Go-Round

1Ds Mark IV & 5D Mark II Merry-Go-Round

Which comes first………
The 1ds Mark IV or 5D Mark III?

Some people [NL] are being told the 1Ds Mark IV will arrive before the 5D Mark III based on known sources. I’ve been told the opposite by known sources. It’s still too early to say for sure it seems.

As mentioned above, a few “interesting” lenses would be arriving with the 1Ds4/5d3. I’ve heard similar things in the last month or so.

I’ve been told there will be a “massively popular” lens as well as 2 more specialized lenses before the end of 2012.

Lens rumors have always been harder to nail down, as I think manufacturing plays a big roll in deciding when a lens can be announced and released.

For now, sit tight. The next announcement is going to be for a couple more PowerShots, then the good stuff.