A different source
A new source is saying Canon will be sticking with the 100-400 focal length for any update they do to the lens.

No word whether or not to expect it at PMA.

It seems every photo show this lens is slated for replacement. The current model sells extremely well for Canon. I have one and would have no interest in replacing it, my copy is silly sharp. I haven't received any information from bang on sources about such a lens yet. I am bugging them for info though.

EF 200-400 f/4L IS
This seems to be a lens a lot of people would like, I just don't think a lot of those people would pony up the $4K-$5K it would cost. I haven't heard any rumor about such a lens being in development.

EF 400 f/4L IS
This is a lens I have heard two bits of information about over the last few months. I think it'd be more likely you'll see a non diffractive optics version of the 400 than another 400mm zoom added to the lineup.


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  1. The stabilizer in Canon 800/5.6 is exceptionally good – would like to see it in a 400/5.6 or a 500/4 as well

  2. I don’t see why current users of the 100-400 would upgrade to a new version….

    I am currently using the 100-400 and constantly say to myself how I wish there would be an f/4 version of this lens available so I wouldn’t loose AF when attaching a 1.4x TC. Also having that 1 extra stop would help tremendously in many situations as I shoot a lot of birds and wildlife with this lens. Also the push pull zoom really needs to go. The longer end of the focal length needs to be improved to produce sharper images. It’s closest competitor (The Nikon 200-400) is about 4 times the price though. If they can make 2 improvements to the 100-400 I would say sharper at the longer focal lengths and f/4 instead of f/5.6….the push pull has to be the 3rd option…I could live with it if they made those 2 improvements….that 3rd improvement would really be the charm though. I’d pay 3k for it.

  3. I’d love a 200-400 f/4 IS. Something to compare with the 70-200 f/2.8 IS and something with extenders that would still get AF.

    I’m holding out and wont buy the current 100-400 as it doesn’t offer AF with extenders.

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