From DSLR Magazine

“It is confirmed that Canon will shortly, photographers from news agencies, new units / model s / s s professionals to test their “beta”. Ads may be mid-August.”


CR's Take
This goes along with our original report that Reuters in Canada had signed NDA's for a new Canon pro body.

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  1. Dunno. I hope so. But companies have to cut back somewhere if they’re posting losses. What I heard was about new Canon prosumer video cameras being delayed, and NAB seems to have confirmed it given they did not annouce them there even though Panasonic and JVC are leaping ahead of them in that department.

  2. Nicely said David and J-man.

    regarding specs:

    I’m hoping for a pellicle mirror AF system to allow increased framerate.

    I think some of your specs are a little unrealistic, like built in gps and bluetooth, WiFi I could see happenning though.

    Do you really want a touch screen though? The menu layout is so fast as it is, I just see a touch screen as a hazard. OLED would be nice, but might be next gen instead of this one…

  3. According to Paul Pope (the most reliable source in DPReview), it will have a new AF sensor design and imaging sensor. Ok, ok… that’s totally expected.

  4. If it had a Full Frame sensor with a 1.3 crop funtion and maybe a 1.6 crop funtion as well, that would be so handy. Best of both worlds!!

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