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xs - Canon Canada Repair Replaces XS with XSi
"Good-bye cruel world"

Canon Canada repair depot has replaced a broken XS with an XSi at no charge. The XS had a broken Main PCB assy(CG2-2259-000) and it was backordered for a month or so. Canon Canada sent a new XSi as a replacement.

This is probably a very good sign production of the XS has ceased and there's probably low stock everywhere.

2000D/T1 excitement builds!


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  1. There is no logic. Sorry. For reference

    300D = digital rebel
    350D = digital rebel XT
    400D = digital rebel XTi
    450D = digital rebel XSi
    500D = digital rebel T1i

    1000D = digital rebel XS

  2. working in a large American photo store that deals with many many foreign customers I also wish they would just drop the letter names and stick to one nomenclature for naming…

    The numbers make sense and stay in line with the rest of their cameras…

  3. I sent in my XS for “Err99” on march 20 2009, The store said they’d have to sent it to Canon, still havent got it back, today is April 29, 2009, maybe I’ll get an XSI.

  4. Just hope that the store doesn’t give you a replacement XS and keep the XSi for resale!

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