Coming Soon?
Jeff Brehm, a photo editor and photographer made this statement on the sportsshooter message board.

“I won't say who told me … but a well-placed person at one of the site sponsors told me last week that the new Canon Mark IV is coming out next month.”

Canon Press Event September 29, 2009?
From the world of anonymous. Someone is claiming they've been invited to a Canon press event on the 29th of September to see one of Canon's “biggest and most important launches in history.”…….

thanks Fredrick & Andy



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  1. Tec Specialist on

    The real final discussion here is weight and size. The weight & size of the 1D will be obsolete once a new 1Ds is introduced or a smaller version of a 1D with equivalent specks. I doubt that Canon will release a 1Ds that does not have similar or much better specks then the 1D.
    This being said you will be stuck with a heavy large cameo that is second rate to the 1Ds or other cameras and at a price that is very high. The correct pricing in todays market should come in at about USD 3.000 not 5,000 to make this camera sensible, and a good long term investment.

    A 7D size version of the 1D is the only logical and practical concept that will not become a heavy overpriced paper weight in the next 3 years.

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