More FPS!
A possibility for the next 1D is variable FPS based on whether or not RAW or sRAW is selected.

“If the camera is set to sRAW 1 it will be able to shoot 12fps”

Movie Mode?
“This isn't a forgone conclusion. There is a 50/50 chance we may not see movie mode in the next 1D. If we do see it in a pro body, it will be the 1Ds4.”

CR's take: I think there will be some kind of movie mode in the camera, I don't expect anything more than what's in the 5D2.

Live View?
“A new live view technology exists, we're more likely to see it in a prosumer body.”

That's it for now



  1. Bill.

    The technology is developed. R&D is done, and the 5D mk II will see that they recoup that. The movie mode is just a firmware thing, it requires nothing more mechanically than what is already inside any live-view equipped camera. So it costs literally NOTHING for Canon to include it.

    They risk people being annoyed that a 1-series lacks a feature (one that’s even useful to some (Photojournalists chiefly, within the 1D target market)) that a lower end model has.

    It cost’s you nothing.

    You don’t get a choice it will be there. (and it will, Canon will not risk being out-speced by other manufacturers, chiefly Nikon, especially regarding an already developed technology)

    Just leave it turned off in the menu.

  2. You are all wrong on this. Being able to shoot HD quality video through Canon lenses is amazing. Normal video cameras have hardly any depth of field and a fixed lens. Being able to use prime lenses with fast apertures for less than$10,000 – $20,000 is a big deal and a big improvement. It sounds like you just do not know how to use it or take adavantage of it, but not having this keeps it from being a true pro camera, as a true pro would know why it is beneficial.

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