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Starting to heat up a bit
Over the last week or so there have been some new 1D Mark IV Rumors. This is a recap and some new information.

Short Specs 1: [NL via XI]
Full Frame
Lower Noise
Suggests an early summer announcement

Spec List 2: [POTN]
Full Frame
65 Zone Metering
48 AF Points
Mirror won’t move. (?)
VF Larger & Brighter
WiFi Capabilities built in

Fake 1D4 Shot

eos1dmkiv1 - 1D Mark IV Rumors
If this is real, I'll eat a worm.

The above is from a Fred Miranda forum thread.

New Information
I still have a couple of good sources that say you will not  see a new 1D Mark IV until February. The current fix for the 1D bodies was designed to give people another year with the cameras and correct any outstanding issues.

One source went as far as giving a short spec list.

16 mp
11 fps
3″ LCD
Ergonomic Upgrades
No AF information

If February 2010 is the actual announcement timeframe, then I don’t think any spec list can be 100% accurate. Final specifications would probably not be decided upon.


105 responses to “1D Mark IV Rumors”

  1. Agreed. In many tests the 700D seems to show slightly less (or at least, less annoying) noise than the 5DmkII, but the thing that strikes me is that the Canon is doing that with 75% more pixel density. I would think that were Canon to put the 5DmkII sensor tech into a 12-15MP FF sensor it would best the 700D by at least half a stop. Make it 4+ fps and it would be a great general-purpose camera and would rock for family photos (my G6 loses so badly indoors that I’m a bit fixated on high-ISO performance for my next camera).

  2. The crop factor is about 1.25x, not the advertised 1.3x, so that gets you back to 10MP again.

  3. “Greater reach” is a misleading way to state it, and I doubt that most people who say that understand the technical concepts involved with the 1.6x crop. They only understand that they get a more “zoomed-in” image, and therefore associate it with “reach”.

    A more correct way of thinking about it would be “more detail in the cropped portion at the expense of lost detail at the edges and poorer high ISO performance.” But in good light, this doesn’t matter much does it? I don’t doubt that there are professional applications where the 1.6 crop is more desirable than full frame or 1.3. That said, I am a novice and shoot 1.6 because I plain can’t afford FF, and I don’t mind the size/weight advantages of a rebel either.

  4. Happened to see a photographer who had a prototype at one of the events I was shooting. It shot 15fps in the cropped mode, and 12.3fps in full format mode. It was also 18 megapixels. That is all I was able to get out of him. He was also using the 70-200mm f2.8 lens.

  5. The Mark 4 is going to be called the Mark 5,,. Shortly after July 15 when the Canon lens rebates are over expect the release of the Mark 5. Save your green the camera is the ROCKING BOMB.. Your must have camera.. Nikon watch out your about to be left in the dust for 5 years.

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