From NL

This spec list comes from a Canon Camera tester.

* 1.3 crop
* Images ~16MP
* ISO 50-26500
* 8MP sRAW1 format providing images that seem to best 1D3 files in detail [typo corrected]
* Very clean images at ISO 3200. 6400/12800 take further processing very well
* Slightly faster FPS than 1D3 in real life shooting
* AF greatly improved and very good in low light (actual comment was ‘Nikon fast' ;-)
* Liveview AF – not up to fast sports use, but very usable otherwise
* Video as with 5D2
* Screen as per 5D2
* Ergonomic improvements with grips – some buttons moved
* Feels faster and more responsive in nearly all aspects of real use.


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  1. Why FF????

    First of all, canon has no good lens for ff sensors

    “If you require at least a decent corner resolution you should stick to f/11 at this focal length.”

    Stop down to f/11??? Brilliant.

    And second, as a wedding photographer i don´t see the benefit. 16mm @ 1,3 is not enough wide angle????

    What kind of weddings are we talking about?

    Notorious BIG & Queen Latifah in a phonebox or what?

    I want a weather sealed, fast, good handling tool without all the unnecessary HD-movie crap and a perfect pixel/cm² ratio and the actual MkIII does a great job.

    The only downside is the missing internal flash control for rremote flashes. THAT needs to be fixed

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