1. if these are targeted for consumer market, then the 16mp raw file of canon 500d is photoshop/hardrive-unfriendly.” canon could have added sraw feature from its midrange dslr family and up. nikon is arguably right on the money with 10-12mp raw file size. its the sweet spot for the entry & advanced post-processing. shame on canon for having a 16mp but very big raw file sizes for CONSUMERS without any flexibility to its raw file size.

  2. Nige has eloquently written about all the thoughts I have when it comes to deciding between the T1i vs. D5000. Best of all, he has helped me take a step further in the right direction.

    Thanks Nige!

    PS Sproutey, it is obvious you are the one who choked.

  3. If we are correcting grammar, it probably should be spelled out, one for the grammar police. :)

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