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1Ds Mark IV Information [CR2]

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1Ds Mark IV strikes again
There is a lot of information floating through my inbox recently. Sorting through what is true, what is a wish and what is old recycled information is what keeps this site from getting boring.

There have been a couple of known sources say there is a lot of  “misinformation” or “fragmented information” out there.  I dismiss highly detailed spec lists now, they’re just never true.

So why a post about a 1Ds Mark IV?
Well, new information has come from a few sources and when you put it all together, we may be getting somewhere.

Here is a breakdown of specs and features I have received.

1Ds Mark IV Speculations

  • 30+ mp (most likely 32)
  • 10fps (I have also heard 8)
  • DIGIC V (No word on number of processors)
  • 1D/1Ds Line Merged
  • Announced around the 3rd week of October with an April, 2012 delivery
  • The prototypes are/have been in the hands of Canon ambassadors

We did post recently that no DSLR would be coming in 2011, if I go by the above information, that’s still true with the April delivery. There can be grey areas with “announcement” and “delivery” when translating.

The first question I asked about the claimed MP and frame rate was; “Can you write to any cards that fast with 30+mp RAW files or would the camera have a giant buffer?” I haven’t heard back yet. I am also wondering if Canon figured out how to make a full frame sensor do 10fps. When speaking about APS-H in the 1D Mark IV, Canon themselves said they couldn’t recycle a full frame sensor fast enough to do 10fps. Hence Nikon’s 9fps on the D3/D3s.

Again, all of this is very vague and in my experience, vague is better.


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