A spotting of a 1Ds Mark IV? (Fake)
Folks love this sort of fodder. Is this an actualy promotional video from Canon? Did Cameras Direct make the video? Did the Australia retailer doctor the image? Did they just download a mockup to get some clicks?

p256862749 3 150x114 - 1Ds Mark IV Sighting?
1Ds Mark IV - Real or Fake?

There is also the image at DPReview we showed you a while ago, and STILL appears on DPR's site in the 1D Mark IV review. The camera is a 1Ds, not a 1D.

We know a 1Ds Mark IV is coming, this isn't news. The issue still remains when. If promotional materials were already out there, and they have been leaked early in the past. An announcement could be soon.

For now, I will call fake. I just don't get why they'd take the time. Viral marketing test?

Have a great Friday.

thanks Rod


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  1. almost perfect. I think hassy or phase ones 39mpx is the holy grail…50 mpx just seems stupid. Can your top of the range Mac Pro actually process that in sensible time? Not really…Not with e-mail, spotify, indesign and a network running and the obligitory raid back up running…

    But the rest of the stuff sounds good. 2 or 3 fps non stop for 80 files would about do it…in true 16 bit colour…

  2. nikonians are always in they world. they know deep inside them that canon has much more acceptable image quality (colors,contrast,softer sense)and they suffering for that. nikon is waiting the new bionz procecor and the new cmos sensor exmor from sony, for new d300 and the other full frames.canon has own technology for those. i’m sure that canon has almost ready the new 1ds iv. i believe it will be on stores in 2010.

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