1Ds Mark Squared
Received some information that we talked about many moons ago. The shift of the top end 1D camera to  a square sensor.

The information goes on to say Canon has the technology to do 8-10fps with a 35-40mp image file.

3D Returns
We all love to dream about it, and the 3D is making its annual return to the rumor mill.

From NL

  • 3D full frame – 18MP
  • No built in grip, 1 series ‘style' build
  • 7D/1D focus
  • Active focus screen (as per 7D)
  • ISO to 102400
  • Video as with 7D

Another vote for a smaller pro camera
Along with the above square sensor information, I was told again to expect a new top end camera body. Again, the “smaller body” was mentioned.


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