5D Mark III
Lots of 5D Mark III stuff is coming to the surface now.

Over at DPR a post that was identical to an email I received, it uses the “I was told by insert retailer/rep” that the 5D Mark III would be coming in March. There's lots of things coming in March from Canon, none of which I think are the 5D Mark III.

Here's the thing about Canon Reps, if Canon USA or Canon Canada or any other Canon subsidiary tells their reps to deny healthy grass is green according to their NDA, they will do so. I know reps that have slipped up, but they do it by accident, they don't offer information.

Whenever a Canon rep knows who I am at a trade show, I'm always told me about the 125mp 5D Mark VIII and the G17 with an MF sensor.

RAW Video
NL posted a bit about the 5D Mark III having some form of RAW video that will be editable with DPP. I think the RAW video feature will be talked about until announcement day.

5D Mark II Stock Levels
There's lots of talk around the planet about depleted 5D Mark II stock. I think this is more because of manufacturing than the discontinuation of a camera. They could sell 5D Mark II's well into the 5D Mark III's product cycle. I wouldn't read into it yet. I have some 5D Mark II's on order, we'll see if they show up.

February Announcement
There are no press events officially scheduled yet. The only date I've received was a February 22, 2011 announcement of something. With Canon, it's always possible for multiple announcement dates for various products. PowerShots and SLRs are getting separate billing a lot.

Canon makes lots of money
There's always tons of criticism of Canon from the photography masses, and that's ok. One thing you cannot criticize is their ability to make money.  A forecasted 26% increase in net income. Growth coming from DSLRs and office equipment.

Here comes Sony
Others have spoken about it, but I still find it worth repeating. Sony has taken Nikon's #2 spot in the UK for interchangeable lens models. Canon remains #1, but with a falling share.

Mirrorless cameras are playing a big part in this trend, we know Nikon's is coming… what say you Canon?

Canon Mirrorless
I've asked around and no one really has much to say about it. When you sell as many Rebels and G12's as Canon does, I understand why they aren't in a rush.

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