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2000D/T1 Spec Update [CR1]

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More fun specs!
A source from earlier this week has piped up with a new spec list for the T1/2000D.

7 AF Points
ISO 100-6400
3fps (Not sure if that includes RAW, current 1000D is 1.5fps)
720P @ 30fps
2.5″ Articulating Screen


35 responses to “2000D/T1 Spec Update [CR1]”

  1. Well, Canon have mostly become a wait-and-see-what-the-competition-is-doing-then-imitate-them/improve-on-their-ideas sort of company lately.

    Decidedly, they (and all other companies) have many prototypes of the same camera and they end up releasing a given model based on what the competitors are doing.

  2. Don’t care about its specs, I just hope they will lose the “Rebel”/”Kiss” badge and go with one, uniform naming convention around the world. Actually, they should call it 5000D so we would have 5D, 50D, 500D and 5000D at available at the same time, something that would not confuse your average clueless newbie. To much to ask, Canon?

  3. This is just dumb, they should keep the xxxxD line barebone low cost DSLR. They should add spot metering, increase the burst rate, maybe 3 inch screen, up the megapixel to 12 (I don’t care but it is a marketing thing). That is all it needs. I do no want to pay more for video in a bare bone DSLR.

    The most suspicious spec is the 15.1mp sensor. I doubt they would use the same resolution sensor in the xxxxD as the xxxD

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