21mp APS-C Sensor?
I received a very detailed email today about the future of the APS-C line at Canon. According to this person, Canon is prepping a 21mp (we've also heard 24mp) sensor for the 7D Mark II, and that sensor COULD also appear in the EOS 70D. The email detailed that Canon was going to launch the 70D with the same 18mp sensor as the EOS SL1, but is having second thoughts. Various prototypes and configurations of cameras tend to exist during R&D.

The issue is mass production of the 21mp sensor has not been finalized. This is delaying any announcement for a new APS camera that would use the 21mp sensor. Canon would prefer to announce a camera and have availability within 30 days of that announcement.

Both the EOS 70D and EOS 7D Mark II exist, there's no surprises coming in that regard.

More to come…


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