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5D Mark II @ Adorama Today?

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Reader submission:
A reader has been questioning Adorama about the availability of the camera, here’s what he told me.

“Gave my order # to the CS agent, she said : “looks like they are scheduled to arrive today. but we have no indication where or not they have arrived. They haven’t been logged into the computer, so I’m not sure if they have arrived or not. Call back tomorrow to see what your order status is.”

So there you have it

Thanks for the info


29 responses to “5D Mark II @ Adorama Today?”

  1. I stopped into the Manhattan store on 18th street today after work. They had a 50D on display and the old 5D. No 5DmkII yet.

  2. you guys are all crazy. The item isn’t even available to order on Canon’s dealer website, so you can’t ship something that can’t be ordered.

  3. Yeah, just got off the phone with Adorama (round 2) and now they’re saying the end of November for arrival. I guess that UPS delivery they were expecting from Canon today got lost in a remote village on the horn of Africa and it will now take a month to get it back to the Adorama warehouse… Friggin’ pirates… Yargh.

  4. I just checked with Beach Camera, where I have a 5d mark II on order and the friendly customer service women said that both, the body and lens kit 5d mark II will arrive in 1.5 weeks which would make it November 3rd.
    I cant wait…

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