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5D Mark II – End of October? [CR2.5]

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From B&H we’re told it’s going to be December.

… Ritz Camaera says the end of October.

Earlier than expected

A reader has told me that someone at Adorama said they expect their first shipment at the end of October. He was inquiring about his early preorder.

He questioned the lady at Adorama as to who the ship date came from and she stated it came right from Canon.

I can’t get the same confirmation from anyone else. My sources in Canada are saying the end of November. However, someone in Australia also said the end of October.


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  1. I think Canon is dropping the ball in not offering a low MP full frame camera, something around 12 or 15 MP. The Nikon D700 stands pretty much by itself in this area and is a big reason I am considering the swith to Nikon. I think most non pros have no use for 20+ MP and I’m frankly tired of Canon’s approach of increasing pixels drastically with every new camera IE 40D to 50D, I can clearly see the negatives to this many pixels on a small sensor in every sample photo I have seen from the new 50D…..I’ll pass!

  2. I’ve pre-ordered a 5D markII with my dealer here in Ireland. He has talked to Canon and has told me that the official release date in UK/Ireland is the 8th October.

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