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5D Mark II Firmware Upgrade Coming Monday?[CR3]

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Just received an email
After talking with a 3rd party firmware tester, the source informed me Canon has a firmware upgrade coming for the 5D2 and its processing issues tentatively on Monday.


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  1. I can’t believe Canon have screwed up again after the fiasco with the 1D Mark 3. I’ll bet Nikon will have a fantastic Christmas this year.

  2. I saw a post that said please don’t let the 5D Mark II be blended… sorry for my ignorance, what does blended mean? Maybe that was answered in a later post, just haven’t been able to read them all. Thanks!

  3. Paul,

    Regarding the blending. The makers of a super powerful comercial blender called Blendtec has a video series with the catch phrase/title “Will It Blend?” and each video features a different item being blended. The whole point, aside from the entertainment value, is to show the awesome powerfulness of their blenders.

    Some of the items blended? iPhone, iPod, Marbles…

    Search “Will It Blend” and you’re sure to find the videos.

    Wikipedia has some nice info on the whole ad campaign:

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