First rumor!
I've been told today that internally Canon has bumped the 5D Mark III launch deadline ahead about 6 months. With the limitations of the Mark II as far as adding features via firmware (more on that in a second), Canon feels the camera needs an update to utilize the features of current dSLR's.

The email said we can rest assured that Canon will not be on a 3 year product cycle for the 5D line. The source went on to say the 3D is a myth, there are no plans for it currently. The 5D Mark III would get the full frame and 7D autofocus system and a better featureset for video.

720p & 60fps
A clarification. I'm told that Canon is omitting 720p and 60fps from the 5D Mark II firmware update. The firmware update will have the 24/25p update.

Before people start cancelling orders. I still think this is a late 2010/early 2011 camera and the rumor is CR1.


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  1. Too funny, I’m sure Canon will release the 5D Mark IV and Mark V, etc. everything you buy is relative when you buy it. There will ALWAYS be something better down the road. Nature of the beast.

  2. My Canon 5d2 is so good that sometimes I don’t even bother to take off the lens cap, its that awesome!

  3. I keep opting to use my 7D (over my 5Dii) because of the better AF.

    If they stick the 7D (or better) AF into the 5Dii, well, they might as well stop making the 1D series. Not really, but I’ll trash my (2 month) old 5Dii for it in a second.

    If they enable an actually usable AF system on video then I’ll start using that too. For now; Video (on 5Dii and 7D) is a novelty.

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