1D Mark IV Update

I've been driving around picking gear up and testing the 1D Mark IV. Everytime I think I have a good first review done, I notice something else. There's also a swelling group of people wondering why Canon gimped spot AF for the 1D Mark IV. We'll give full coverage on that soon.

purchased the Sennheiser MKE-400 flash shoe mic for the 1D Mark IV and I've been pretty impressed with its performance so far. It's the right size and price for a video newbie like myself. I still need to get a “dead cat” for it.

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  1. I think they explained it quite well in the review. What really make you think about is what would have Canon achieved with lesser pixel density, if this is what they have done now. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining on 7D IQ as I do not have one nor tried one. But I’m still thinking about, what would it be if it was 12MPix (as in direct comparision with D300s) used by current technology, which can pull out very impressive result considering pixel density on 7D’s sensor. I mean look at 7D vs D300s lab results. It’s basically very similar to each other, yet 7D has denser sensor with more resolution. If 7D was “only” as 12Mpix as is D300s, then I believe that Canon could pull out a D300s killer with its technology :)

    Well, just an opinion of “what could have been…”, don’t get too carried away, guys :)

  2. The same thing is happening in New Zealand, with Canon not wanting to supply stock that they already have until the firmware has been upgraded (which was last week), so that makes complete sense.

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