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5D2 Black Dot Removal Photoshop Action

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Action Fun!
Apperently this Photoshop action can remove the black dots in your images from the 5D Mark II. I have not tested it out. Let me know how it goes if you’re affected by the issue.

Download the action:


Thanks yitzy


11 responses to “5D2 Black Dot Removal Photoshop Action”

  1. Many users have NR turned on in their camera, or in lightroom. This can make them go away. also note, you need to use 200% magnification in many cases to see them, and they are not obvious unless you know where to look.

    For most users, they are not a issue, just for those who display gigantic prints, and even then, most people will never notice them unless they know what to look for, and get up really close.

    I haven’t bothered to try and make them, I’m sure that I could.

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  3. Интересно. Значит нужно какие-нибудь поправки вносить.

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