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60D Autofocus System

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I received an email claiming the 60D will get a dumbed down version of the new 1D autofocus system. There will be more AF points and have a more pro “feel”.

The new autofocus system is apparently built on the current 1D system. It’s not going to be completely new. That doesn’t really worry me at all.

50D AF

americanwhitepelican emeleg 2361 150x150 - 60D Autofocus System
copyright Ethan Meleg

A friend of mine who is a professional nature photographer and insanely avid birder has been shooting with a 50D recently.

He’s been quite impressed with the AF system.

“I’ve been using my new 50D body and have found it to be excellent for bird photography. I’m most impressed with the incredibly quick and accurate autofocus, as well as the fast frame rate. It blows away my 1DsIII body for shooting birds.”

You can visit his blog and check out his last 2 posts for pics taken with the 50D here.

I posted this because he’s a real world photographer out there everyday.


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  1. Am I missing something, the 40D does have the same auto focus as the 50D does it not?


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