Rebel T1
We will see a Rebel XS replacement announced in June. I was told the current XS will remain current while the XSi will be discontinued over the summer.

We'll still have 3 Rebels for Christmas. The XS could reach the $400 price point. I still think that's a little unrealistic.

The T1 will not have a movie mode. It'll basically be a rebadged XSi.

Not likely before the fall.


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  1. I think it would make more scene to call it the 475D or something. If you make the 450D the 2000D then the 3000D has to have all the features of the 2000D and more. If you want the xxxxD line to be the bare bones low cost line then I do not see a need for added cost features like IR remote and IR face sensor to cut off the LCD when you face is up against the viewfinder.

  2. You are crazy, the XS is a great deal. It has all the features you need for a bare bones entry level DSLR at a perfect price. For the price point it has no competition that can touch it.

  3. Why in the heck is the XSi still up at a street price of $700 with the kit lens? With the replacement model coming, it should be time for Canon to be cutting us some bargains.

  4. Agreed! At $440 my XS was a tremendous deal, the perfect first DSLR. I will move on to higher end cameras for sure, but for a first-time buyer the price tags can be pretty intimidating and I think the XS offers a LOT, considering the very substantial savings over the XSi.

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