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Canon T1/2000D June? [CR2]

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Rebel T1
We will see a Rebel XS replacement announced in June. I was told the current XS will remain current while the XSi will be discontinued over the summer.

We’ll still have 3 Rebels for Christmas. The XS could reach the $400 price point. I still think that’s a little unrealistic.

The T1 will not have a movie mode. It’ll basically be a rebadged XSi.

Not likely before the fall.


15 responses to “Canon T1/2000D June? [CR2]”

  1. CR: pls use both names – it drives me crazy when i have to ask google about each name you use (XS, XSi etc)… Not only people from North America read your website…

  2. we need new 1Ds rather than 1000D
    what are all so many low-end bodies for

    give us a 2 stop iso improved 1Ds!

  3. Think about that. With the nowadays world wide economy, Canon made the perfect choice. They want to sell the max of cameras, or maybe just to sell. A 2000D with his crop sensor is much easier, faster and cheaper to build instead a 1DS. FF sensor still very expensive to make and to sell, not much ppl buy these pro cam.

    Next, more ppl buy entry-level DSLR, more will buy EF-S and EF lenses, it’s just the perfect way to reach for Canon. :)

    In following this, ppl will buy first an => entry-dslr => ef/ef-s lenses => then later get expert or pro dslr => and “L” lenses => … :)

  4. If this rumor about the T1 is true…being that it would have the same specs minus the video capabilities…i’m there! I was going to stick with the XSi because spending the money for mostly the video capability didn’t make sense as i probably wouldn’t use it.

    Hopefully some more truth will come out soon about this rumor.

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