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60D Spec List? [CR1]

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Lists are flying in now
Below is a spec list of the upcoming 60D as told to me this AM.

– 18mp
– ISO 6400 Max
– 9AF Points
– Articulating LCD
– New Menu System
– Movie mode like the 7D

All very plausible.

thanks to everyone


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  1. Slide are shown with slide projector. it you want picture, you shoot color negative. As for 8 X10 Or 5 X7, your crop the top and bottom out.

  2. I agree that additional pixel for “light cropping” is a necessity. Let us assume it will be nice to have 20% in linear dimension for cropping. This will need only 10.8 MP. so I think the 12MP for APS-C will be a good number. At that pixel level , we still need lens that can resolve 95 lp/mm. That is already a demand for very good prime lens and “L” lens. I really feel that the 18Mp sensor now is a marketing decision not based on existing data of the performance of the lens and reality.
    The 18MP sensor needs alens that can resolve 106 lP/mm. I am wondering how many lens can do that . Even the real (read it as expensive) Leica lenses will not make that claim.

  3. I agree that “light cropping” should always be an option. that is why I was using 20% crop as a case and point. However, if someone is always using ‘heavy cropping ” and end up using less than half of the original pixels, then he shall re examine his framing (composition ) technique.

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