Lists are flying in now
Below is a spec list of the upcoming 60D as told to me this AM.

– 18mp
– ISO 6400 Max
– 9AF Points
– Articulating LCD
– New Menu System
– Movie mode like the 7D

All very plausible.

thanks to everyone


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  1. It is better for the sensor to outresolve the lens than the other way around, because at least you know you are maximizing the performance of the lens. Even the 18-55 kit lens shows more resolution on the 15MP 50D than on the 8MP 350D according to Photozone’s tests.

  2. I would like to read the report. Can you give me the actual web site. I try to find it in, I cannot find it. Thanks for the help in advance.

  3. I have looked through the test report from DPReview. It turned out that the 18-55mm IS lens have more than enough resolution for the 350D (8MP). Its resolution is actually closed to be 13.5 Mp at the middle of the sensor. That is why it looks better on the 15MP 50D. Even that we are not fully utilize the 15Mp of the 50D.
    On the other hand , if a 50mm f1.8 II is stopped down to F5.6. it will have more than 15MP resolution (at least at the middle of the sensor). That is fully utilize the 15MP sensor of the 50D. That is the reason why this cheap plastic lens is being revere by a lot of people.
    Now the question is: What lens is good enough to give us the 18MP resolution of the 7D.
    I just cannot agree that we should let the sensor out resolve the lens. In order to get the most out of the system, the performance of the lens should match the sensor. If I have a choice, I would go the opposite way. Let the lens out resolve the sensor. By doing that we know we have got the most out of the sensor. If there is a higher resolution sensor coming up later, we do not need to obsolete the lens(es) along with the camera. It is economically and technically sound in the long run.

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