I received these specs today, they're nothing like anything I've received before. So I'm going to post them for fun.

This is a rumors site!

EOS 3D Specifications
– Price: 3499
-27mp Foveon (?)
Foveon is property of Sigma, so that kills the spec list. Unless Canon has their own version.
– 5FPS
– 16bit (16 bit what?)
– BG-E9 Grip, uses 7D & 5D2 battery
– 7D Weathersealing

This one deserves a massive grain of salt like I said earlier.


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  1. This is because in 2008, Foveon technology could not exceed 14mp, (4.7mp x3) and couldn’t develop a sensor larger than what it presently is. It loses to Fullframe sensor in terms of signal to noise ratio. and Nikon is the King of High ISO low noise. there isn’t a point to switch. unless they want to buy over sigma + foveon and pump in Billions to breakthrough X3 into FF and HD vid.

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