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A new review of the 7D has popped up at Naturfokus.

“Canon 7D combine very good image quality with a fast and accurate AF-system. I think this will be a popular camera for shooting action. The camera is in many ways closer to the 1D Mark III camera, rather than the 5D Mark II, and a good step over the Canon 50D. I think many photo enthusiasts and pros will acquire the 7D camera. In my case, this will be the first 1.6 crop factor camera, I will bring in my photo bag on assignments and expeditions.”

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From Jeff Ascough (My favourite wedding photographer)
Jeff had a 7D and has apparently fallen in love. Yes, he's a Canon ambassador so he may be biased. :)

“It can be hard to deduce any conclusion from a bunch of low resolution jpegs on a blog, but this camera will be my main street/travel camera, there is no doubt about that. It produces lovely, very film like files, with loads of detail and tonal range; I just love the ‘feel' of the files at 1600 iso – they make me feel nostalgic!!


Thanks greswolde (via twitter)


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  1. I’d have bought a G11 as they added the swivel back but they left off the HD video, not spending that kinda money to not have at least 720p on it.

  2. I an very curious to find a reasonable explanation to the frame rate drop in low light conditions.

    Forum links:

    Also mentioned in the mini review: (slowdown of the frame rate).

    IMHO, the argument “frame rate is sacrificed in favor of metering accuracy” is deceiving because the slowdown is showing, also, in manual mode. Locking exposure works as a workaround. Manual mode (the equivalent to locking exposure) does not work.

    I don’t own a 7D. I’d like one, but hidden flaws like this one is discouraging.

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