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Vistek in Toronto apparently received their first shipment of 7D's today. They won't be selling them until tomorrow I've been told.

Thanks Dan

I have a couple of denials in regards to the camera being available today at Aden and Downtown Camera in Toronto. I have had friends check Canon's ordering site and the camera has yet to be allocated to a few stores.

It's not much yet
I have word that a few stores in Toronto will have them tomorrow. Two of them being Downtown Camera and Aden Camera. There is reports of a third unnamed store having them.

This post will probably update a lot over the next few days.


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  1. Sorry, Right the Ground Shipping is based on your location and mine was 8.00.

    NYC to South Jersey Ground is only 8.00, and it arrives in 1 day, so I’m kinda lucky that way in the location to NYC. Also as most know, NY to NJ has no tax at all which is another reason to buy online saves me 119.00 on the price. I know the gov is working on a way to stop all that from happening, but until then lets just enjoy it.

  2. Ordered mine from Amazon an hour after it was announced and mine is in the air. Should arrive tomorrow.

    The page on Amazon still shows that it’s available for pre-order but not in stock yet. I guess this means they don’t actually have enough units to even cover the pre-orders. Glad I ordered when I did.

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