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A Bit of EOS 7D Replacement Info [CR2]

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We’ve been told that the omission of the wifi in the 7D replacement is due to how the body is designed. The durable full metal body would make wifi transmission unreliable at best. The camera will also not have a touch screen like the EOS 70D, as Canon has opted for a much more durable solution covering the LCD.

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There hasn’t been a lot in the way of full specifications for the replacement to the EOS 7D that we expect to be announced in September of this year. We’ve heard it will come around September 5, depending where you are on the planet.

A good source tells us that the new camera will have EOS-1 build quality, which we expected. The camera will be specced extremely well, but will be missing one feature. It won’t have built-in wifi. This tells me it’ll be a higher megapixel camera (24mp+?) and shoot at a very high frame rate.

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