A New 4K DSLR?
PB has posted that a new Canon DSLR will be announced at the end of August. It will be 44.7mp and be capable of 4K video recording.

Also from Photography Bay
“Additionally, the camera will have a dedicated port for attaching an electronic viewfinder. While the source wasn’t exactly clear on this point, it seems that this may be some type of proprietary connection for attaching a viewfinder or monitor that is not an HDMI or SDI output.”

CR's Take
I don't see this being true. Everything we've been told from known sources is that Canon is done officially announcing DSLR's in 2013. However, there is always a possibility of a development announcement. I also don't think they can sell a DSLR for more money than the EOS-1D C and that any large megapixel announcement will not be a Cinema EOS product. They can sell a lot of $6000-$7000 cameras to enthusiasts, $10,000+ is harder to do.

Source: [PB]


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