New stuff
Received an email today in regards to a 50D replacement. Most of what was said was the same as most stuff we've received. Smaller form factor than the 50D and an articulating LCD screen.

The 2nd part of the email mentioned a video optimized 14.2mp sensor.

I have heard once before about a new sensor for the camera.



  1. Lens IS? Not all Canon lenses have IS and the only primes with it are the longer ones. At least with in body IS my fast wide to standard primes and zooms would all benafit.

    I can’t see Canon fitting in body IS though, if they ever do they’ll be last to market after Nikon and they’ll only do it kicking and screaming as there’s too much money to be made from IS lenses.

    If I could swap all my Canon gear for Sony I would, Canon seem to complacent these days, last to market with everything except an ever higher pm count.

  2. If this is true, then it will address most of our wish list as published on our blog post recently:

    Let’s hope these specs are true! The reduced MP sensor is especially cause for excitement, I think, after seeing what Canon has done with an 18MP sensor on the 7D.

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