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Another Ad Post

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I want ads, they pay for stuff like shirts. I also have something a lot more significant planned in the spring. I don’t do this to make millions and buy Bentley’s (I already have 2).

If you say “no” to this, basically it means there wouldn’t be Amazon links in posts anymore.

Thanks for your input.

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11 responses to “Another Ad Post”

  1. Thanks for asking.

    As others have said as long as they are distinguishable as adverts it doesn’t annoy everyone, its when they are disguised people get irritated. Ohh yeah, some of the flash cycling image adverts take a lot of memory to load and they are REALLY annoying.

    If your thinking about click to buy adverts and such forth I would click on them if I was going to make that purchase, I would prefer the money in your pocket then Amazons.

    Keep up the great site!

  2. There are ads?

    Sometimes I forget that I have an ad-blocker in Firefox until a site has a post about their ads. I agree with Martyn about the “flash cycling image” ads: that’s why I installed an ad-blocker in the first place. Surfing is a much calmer and more restful activity as a result.

  3. I think it is legitimate that you want to place ads, even though I do not like them. I would tolerate them, as long as they are not flashy animated or with sound. Thanks for asking!
    Keep it up, your work is appreciated!

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