Spec Update
The 500D should have the following feature that were ommited from my first post on the subject.

AF will be in Movie Mode, it will be a contrast detection that performs as well as the 5D2.

I'm also told it may have a better liveview system and an articulating screen. I still have nothing definitive on those 2 features.

I've been promised some lens information tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

Photo T-Shirt Contest
Keep sending me pictures, I'd like another few entries!

[email protected]

The winner will be selected Sunday night.

I must confess to an embarassing thing
I didn't realize the 5D2 had AF in movie mode until today. I never tried to do it when I've used the camera.


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  1. An articulating screen would make us scenery and (especially) river fans especially happy. The eternal problem of composing a shot when the camera is held (or, hopefully, tripodded) four inches above the surface of a lake could be solved for those of us who’d rather not use a Sony Alpha and be forced to buy second hand Minolta lenses off eBay :P

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