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Applications – One More Time

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I’m going to try this again
I’m looking for 1 (fairly dedicated) or 2 folks to help out with posts on the site.

What I need:

1) Someone to post any relevant news about Canon products or photography products to the site.
2) I’d like a person that could post some stuff at least every other day.
3) When I’m in Europe for two months over the winter, someone to really pickup the slack.
4) You don’t need to be a great writer, I’m not. The ability to spell would be nice.
5) How to apply? mail me using the form on the right.
6) Compensation? The site doesn’t make a pile of money. You will get something, it’ll be based on revenue, posts and growth. It won’t buy you a house, but it could buy you a lens… well some lenses. Enjoy your new 18-55 IS!

    I will be taking applications for 48 hours starting now and will have someone (or two) picked by Saturday.


    One response to “Applications – One More Time”

    1. I’m interested. I reside in the US, have a degree in Corporate Communications and Canon EOS 30D, 50D with a 5D MK II coming up, 100-400L, 10-22, 24-105L, 60mm macro.

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