From Art Wolfe's Facebook Status

“I just wanted to extend an extra thank you to @Michael Gurley from Canon for bringing the keys to the candy store this past weekend for the workshop participants. Mike brought with him just about every Canon lens from the widest fish eyes, tilt shift, macro and on through through 800mm along with numerous backs including the new 1DS Mark 4. Everyone had a great time trying out new lenses and backs and we really appreciate it.”

Art would be a guy that would have an advanced look, I'm just not sure it wasn't a typo. The NDA he'd be under would be strict.

Apparently Art updated his status to say “1D Mark IV”. Probably a typo………. The weird thing is he also removed the word “new”. Sometimes I randomly add the word “new” to sentences as new well.

Art Wolfe's friend who posted the Facebook status line has written in with a big apology for riling up the Canon masses with a post that was in error. They were using 1Ds Mark IIIs and 1D Mark IVs on their workshop.

He apologizes for the frenzy that has been created.


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