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Big 5D2 News – Waiting on confirmation.

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Info coming
I received some information about the 5D2 release. I’m waiting to confirm it.


27 responses to “Big 5D2 News – Waiting on confirmation.”

  1. what is 24p, 25p? Do you mean mp? Didn’t the Nikon folks have some silly rumor about the D3 having a 24mp firmware upgrade?

  2. I have some information that I can confirm. After perusing the rumor sites, I called Canon directly and tried to pin them down on a date. After talking to a supervisor, they told me to expect distribution to begin (in the U.S. at least) on Nov. 21.

  3. Ritz called me yesterday to update my billing on my pre-order (paypal expires after 30 days) and said that the item will be shipping on the 20th.

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