Not unexpected, but a new Rebel will arrive in 2011.

I'm told it will be announced in the April timeframe.

There will be no Rebel XS successor. Expect the T2i to become the entry level Rebel.

5D Mark III
Nothing of note. I do expect it to arrive in 2011 in some form.

7D Mark II
There won't be a 7D replacement until at least 2012.

1Ds Mark IV
Something is coming at the end of 2011, I've had a few more assurances that the camera will be a departure from the current 1Ds family.

1D Mark V
Nothing I'm told about the Mark V I put much stock in. Full frame comes up as expected. This camera is probably still in very early testing and development.

The merging of the 1D/1Ds may occur in 2012. There are some signs to suggest the possibility, the biggest one being the departure the next 1Ds will take (maybe even the name of the camera).

Nothing of note has been mentioned lately.

The usual upgrades can be expected to start in late January. I've received nothing out of the ordinary.

The megapixel war is not over, even if Canon is the only one fighting it. Expect large increases in the next 12 months.


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