Movie Mode
The 60D will certainly see movie mode added to the model when its announced in the fall (or so we're told).

There will be no manual aperture control, but there will be 24p & 30p modes at 1080p.

We may finally see the paradigm shift to SD cards for the line (For better or worse).

I've actually started to use an SD card in my 1D3 on a daily basis, I just wanted to know if it would annoy me. So far it hasn't.

Larger VF
Expect to see a larger and brighter VF in the 60D. I have no info as to whether or not it will be 100%.


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  1. Nobody is talking about BURST FRAME SPEED. I hope it will
    be at least 8 F.P.S. in a size bigger than 1080 by 1920.
    This way you get a series of stills with short interval, and
    a video clip if the action is “newsworthy” for sports or
    online video. I have a 5D Mark 2, and a 40D, but something
    in between would be cool that uses the 1.6 smaller format, and
    my 40D lenses.

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