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Canon 60D Specs [CR1]

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From Canonista via DPReview
A spanish sites claims to have the specs for the upcoming 60D.

24p & 30p HD (It lists 36fps, I’m assuming typo)
Announced February 4, 2010.

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149 responses to “Canon 60D Specs [CR1]”

  1. I wonder if an “error” such as 36fps was introduced on purpose so that the origin of the rumour can see which web sites it spreads to.

    It’s kind of like deliberate errors being introduced in copy because you know that original sources would not (re)produce the error whereas those doing copy-paste will.

  2. I just bought my 7D after my 50D had been stolen. I thought it’s a good decision but after having read all comments, it seems 7D not as good as it advertised (in terms of noise). Is reducing the pixel size in the camera will solve the problem? For Canon, I expect them to develop new fimrware to solve such problem…

  3. I’m in Singapore. Waitin and waitin for the 550D. Its funny how announcements are made… then you look back at all the rumours. And laugh at how they were all wrong.


  4. True, very few 550 hard rumours before the event, not sure what spoiler meant by “this model it will get a nice surprise” Like the camera but want to hear some rave reviews before commiting to buy – i’d wanted great ISO – i’m being offered good iso – its so almost there. If prices drop for my birthday in june i’m in at 550.

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