The folks at Cinema5D have completed their first lab test of the Canon EOS C300 Mark II. One of the big upgrades was the 15 stops of dynamic range that Canon has claimed the new EOS C300 Mark II has. Cinema5D tested this in their lab and found that the new camera has about 2 stops less of dynamic range than they were expecting. The dynamic range appears to equal that of Sony's FS7, but is well short of the ARRI ALEXA. Cinema5D did prefer the overall image quality of the EOS 300 Mark II after comparing it to the Sony FS7.

From Cinema5D:

Even though the Canon C300 Mark II seems to be quite on par with the Sony Fs7 in terms of dynamic range, I must also say the image of the C300 Mark II is more neutral and the noise is less saturated and mushy in comparison to the Sony FS7. So while unfortunately there is a lot of noise in the shadows, at least it doesn’t look so bad. Also the C300 Mark II seems to be about 1 stop more light sensitive than the FS7 at high ISO speeds. Read the full lab test

Dynamic Range Comparison:

dynamic range C300 mark ii vs fs7 vs alexa B 728x271 - Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II Lab Test
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