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Canon EOS 450D (XSi)

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Here it is.


I did fairly well with my predictions. I'm a bit bummed there isn't a movie mode. The camera will be shipping in April.

The updates appear good, it makes the Sony Alpha 200 look ancient already.

The images will tell us more in due time.

A few things…
1. Does saying “XSi” seem weird to anyone else? “excess eye”… it's probably just me.

2. This new Rebel has contrast detect AF in live view mode. Here's hoping there is a firmware update for the 40D.

3. What is “Auto Lighting Optimiser”? A version of Sony's DRO?

4. There's a new battery form factor for the camera, which probably means a new battery grip is coming.

5. The switch to SD is a good move by Canon, i hope it continues into other models.

6. Adding an ISO button is long overdue, as is spot metering.


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