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Canon EOS 5D X Chatter Continues [CR0]

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There has certainly been a lot more EOS 5D Mark III replacement chatter over the last week or so, and no we’re seeing more on forums from past “celebrity” posters.

From DPReview

The timetable for the 5DX was messed up.  They were supposed to release it earlier last year, but it was. not meant to be.  Soon in the spring will come the 5DX with 28 megapixel sensor.

“EOS 5D X” is now the new favoured moniker for the EOS 5D Mark III replacement, though we haven’t heard from anyone all that reliable that this is going to be what the camera is called. I’d also call the current sensor information unreliable. I just don’t think it’s going to be a 28mp camera, and we’re likely to see it around 24mp.

We’re going to see A LOT of this sort of information get passed around over the next little while, have some fun with it, but I’d put this one at CR0, based on the posters past history.

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