EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens)
43rumors says they have it on good authority that Canon is about to release a Canonet GIII style digital camera with interchangeable lenses.

I haven't heard even a peep from anyone in a long time about this type of camera.

Source: http://43rumors.com/ft3-canon-giii/

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  1. Now it makes sense – we are a software company that was greatly disappointed with the G11 because all the computer connectivity functions (remote live view while leaving camera controls active, remote access to zoom and exposure control etc.) of the G10 was just plan shut off in the G11. That left a gaping hole that the could not be filled the SLRs with live view. We could no understand why Canon would take a big step backwards and thought we will have to keep buying G10s until we found other technology or manufactures that would get back what we lost. Well if the rumors of the EVIL are true and they bring back the computer controls that would be the answer to our dreams. We are preying that this happens.

  2. There are just way too many advantages to digital for film to have more than a minor utility today. Just switching ISO mid-role was a huge pain with film cameras. And the cost savings over 50,000 shots is enormous, allowing small budget photographers to experiment a lot more. Film can be a useful back-up if you’re going canoeing for a couple of weeks, and a few other applications like that.

  3. I would love an APS-C EVIL with a 30mm pancake. A Canon version of the Samsung NX10.

    It’s only a matter of a year or two before one of these comes out that will interest me enough to put a $1000 on one.

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