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Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

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We’ve received a bit of information about Canon’s upcoming and highly anticipated first attempt at a full frame mirrorless camera. We have been unable to confirm this information with known sources, but we figured we’d share it anyway.

We’re told that marketing material for the camera is currently being produced by various Canon subsidiaries around the globe.

A couple of people have claimed to have seen the camera and have given some description of it.

It looks like a bulkier EOS M50. It’s taller, wider and thicker, though the mount is still an unknown.

The camera model number begins with “R”. We’re not sure what that “R” would be in reference too, but apparently it’s not a codename.

Currently, all signs are pointing to an official announcement after Photokina, but Canon may surprise with a development announcement for the show, which begins September 26, 2018.

Take this information with a big grain of salt until we can upgrade the [CR1] rating.