An article at CNET breaks down the marketshare of dSLR's and total cameras sold in 2007. Canon lost marketshare to Nikon.

dSLR marketshare in brackets.

1. Canon 18.8% (42.7%)
2. Sony 16% (No data on dSLR sales)
3. Kodak 9.6% (Lots of dumb consumers)
4. Samsung 9.0%
5. Nikon 8.4% (40%)
6. Olympus 8.3%

Panasonic, Fujifilm, Casio, HP and Pentax rounded it out.

I'm a Canon fan, but they haven't been exactly an intelligent company the last 18 months or so. The 1d fiasco, the rather drab 1dsmk3 and shortages on everything, including compacts. There's holes in the lens lineup and they really got caught off guard by Nikon. Canon needs to shake the world up at Photokina.

*Edit* The 1ds3 is a great camera, but in the era of marketing being everything.. the camera just doesn't spark the same interest that the D3 has, nor the hype surrounding the megapixel monster from Sony.

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